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Why Choose Elizabeth Pharmacy?

The success of our pharmacy starts with our people. Our team of knowledgeable pharmacists, diligent pharmacy technicians, and friendly patient care representatives prides itself for providing outstanding service. We want you to be comforted knowing that you can rely upon and trust us.

Specialty Medicine is our specialty

Our pharmaceutical staff not only have the right experience to deliver exceptional service, but a complete understanding of how to provide you and your family with the most comprehensive care to help manage and control complex conditions.

Senior Health Care

For over a decade, Elizabeth Pharmacy has been servicing the area of Elizabeth, NJ and its surrounding area, with great focus on senior health care. With that said, Elizabeth Pharmacy will now offer in store, quality medical equipment and supplies.

At Elizabeth Pharmacy, it's not just about product selection, exceptional patient care, quick prescription delivery and low prices to meet the need of all our patients. We are a Pharmacy of people devoted to helping you find the medical supplies that fit your personal needs and help ensure you get the health care you deserve.

Certified by the Board of Certification /Accreditation

Flavoring Medicine

Unfortunately for many kids, the bitterness of their medications prevents them from taking the recommended dosage they need in order to get better. With FLAVORx, your Elizabeth pharmacist can mask the unpleasant flavor of many prescription and over-the-counter liquid medications. And with lots of kid-approved flavors, your child can choose a favorite. Great for grownups, too!

Trinitas Regional Medical Center

Elizabeth Pharmacy welcomes all Trinitas Hospital patients and staff. We are proud to work side by side Elizabeth's main general medical hospital providing services such as specialty and compounding prescriptions, health and prescription counseling, and more.

Trinitas 340B Drug Program

We offer the 340B Trinitas Drug Program. The program centers on a federal statute requiring drug manufactures to sell outpatient drugs at a reduced cost to eligible healthcare centers, clinics and hospitals.

The goal of the program is to have healthcare providers expand medication access to low-income individuals, families and other vulnerable populations.

Out of pocket patients

For patients paying for prescriptions without insurance, finding that right pharmacy that works hard to provide low and affordable prescriptions is important. That's why we strive to beat the price of any of our local competiting pharmacy's. If you find your prescription at a lower price, simply let us know and we'll match it.

(Please note prescription medication is subject to availability)

Patient care every step of the way.

From the time you enter our pharmacy our pharmacists are your advocate, our goal is to provide quality health care to everyone and bring positive outcomes.

Up-to-date Health Information

Staying up-to-date with the latest health and drug information is crucial to maintaining your health, thats why we strive to make sure we stay up to date the latest information from popular sites such as FDA.gov, WebMD.com, MayoClinic.com, Drugs.com and many more.

Compliance Packaging

The best medication in the world won’t help if you don’t take it. If you have trouble keeping your medications straight, taking the right pills at the right time. Our pharmacists study your daily medication regimen and place your pills in bubble packs, clearly labeled with when you’re supposed to take them. We will even split your tablets for you, if needed.Our Compliance Packaging program is designed to eliminate any prescription confusion, especially for people who take several pills each day.

Prescription Managment

When you add Prescription Management to your ElizabethRx account, you can:

  • Refill orders
  • Choose in-store pick up or home delivery
  • View and print your prescription history
  • See your prescription calendar
  • Get time- and money-saving suggestions
  • Link prescription records of a minor under age 18 or adult to your account
  • Get prescription details

And even set up text alerts so you know when your prescriptions are ready.

Prescriptions when you need them

Whether you're at home or at an office, Elizabeth Pharmacy will make sure you get the prescriptions that you need when you need them the most. With our prescription delivery service you can order your prescriptions online or instore and have them delivered to you by mail or locally. Sign up for a FREE elizabethrx account today to start ordering your prescriptions.

Flu Shots

Elizabeth Pharmacy is committed to protecting the health & wellness of you and your family, especially during flu season this fall and winter. Simply put, the best way to prevent the flu is by getting vaccinated each year. You can walk in or schedule an appointment online.

Available for only:


Working side by side medical providers

Our goal is to make sure you get the health care you deserve, and the only way to accomplish this is to actively and clearly communicate with your physician. Allowing us to make sure you are attaining the best results from your prescription counseling.

Curbside Pickup

Need to pickup your prescriptions quickly? In search of a pharmacy drive thru? Then our curbside pickup is just what your looking for. Once you arrive, give us a call from your car to notify us of your arrival. One of our Pharmacy Specialist will come out to assist you. Pickup new prescription orders or a refill.